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Bible Verse Posters (English) (SKU: 649-4463499)English Bible Verse Posters to copy, color, memorize, frame, give to shut-ins, or use in scrapbook. Bible Rhyme Color Time is a companion book with matching Bible verse rhymes that help the children memorize verses.
Christian Ethics Answer Key (SKU: 992-4794942)Answer Key for Christian Ethics For YOUth. Answers all the exercises and suggests thought question answers.
Christian Ethics For Youth (SKU: 49-4794943)Christian Ethics For Youth (SKU: 49-4794943)A thorough and well-organized study of the Book of Proverbs. Excellent for youth classes and special studies on the Proverbs. Young and old will enjoy the many illustrations from real life that will help them apply the Biblical truths to their lives. The last 71 pages of the book, Topical Proverbs, divides Proverbs into 46 topics. The 42 chapters in the book cover most of the Proverbs' topics. Some subjects covered in the book are: Wisdom Helps Me Trust...Obey...Submit...Turn From Evil, The Tong
Christian Ethics Set (SKU: 270-4463419)Christian Ethics Set (SKU: 270-4463419)Christian Ethics is a study of Proverbs. Forty-two chapters cover forty-six topics which help youth understand wisdom, moral issues, and ethical problems from God's viewpoint. Christian Ethics for YOUth text book, workbook, and answer key. This make an excellent study for youth on Sunday evenings or may supply half a high school credit when used with the tests. Set price saves you $2.50.
Christian Ethics Tests &Key (SKU: 474-4463423)If you intend to use this course for 1\2 high school credit, you will need these tests. 5 Tests for $3.50 and answer key for 2.50. These tests may be copied within your school or home. The tests and answer key may be bought separately. User comment: "A wonderful book! I really liked the thought questions in the workbook; they prompted some good discussions with my daughter."
Christian Ethics Workbook (SKU: 939-4794957)Christian Ethics Workbook (SKU: 939-4794957)This workbook expands each topic in the Christian Ethics text book and encourages Bible study-mostly Proverbs. Use as a High School elective for 1/2 credit. Tests available.
Despertand Sing-A-Long cassettes (SKU: 20029tdes)Despertand Sing-A-Long cassettes (SKU: 20029tdes)Three cassettes that help you learn the 220 songs in Despertad y Cantad song book. This is a Christian Spanish music book.
Latin American Coloring book (SKU: 30052cb)Learn about the West Indies, Mexico, Central and South America. There are maps of the countries with native plants and animals, also introduces the people and products of the countries. Make coloring an educational experience!
Rosita y Mateo (SKU: 939-4456994)Rosita y Mateo (SKU: 939-4456994)This Spanish coloring book will teach the children about plants and wildlife in Latin America. Learn about the daily activities of a Latin American family. Make coloring an educational experience.
School Posters (SKU: 500-4462978)School Posters (SKU: 500-4462978)Reproducible posters that will challenge, motivate, and encourage your students to be and do their best. Posters are powerful teaching tools. Use to decorate and for scrapbooks.
Sharpen Up (SKU: 182-4462957)Sharpen Up (SKU: 182-4462957)****OVERSTOCK ITEM****
This book provides extra seat work for the fast student who needs something educational to do and for the slow student who need extra practice in certain areas. There are exercises in synonyms, antonyms, language, skills, math skills, map skills, writing practice, reading comprehension, following directions, Bible knowledge, manners, and more. These exercises may be copied within your school or home. Help keep your child's mind sharp!
Sing-a-Long and cassette (SKU: 20024sss)Words written in English and Spanish for the sixty songs from Speedy Spanish Book 1 and 2. Singing is A-Capella. Comes with a Cassette or CD, you decide.
Spanish Bible Paperback (SKU: 30051ssb)Spanish Bible Paperback (SKU: 30051ssb)The Reina-Valera version (KJV)Spanish Bible. A very necessary study book for the serious Spanish student.
Spanish Bible Storybook Set (SKU: 30040set)Buy all of the seven Bible storybooks for $11.00 Set includes: David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lions, In the Beginning,Bread and Fish, Bartimaeus, The Little Shepherd, and The Good Samaritan
Spanish Bible Verse Posters (SKU: 20027ssp)50 Spanish Bible verse posters to color, hang, scrapbook, give away, and memorize. These may be copied within your home, school, or church.
Spanish Coloring Book Psalm 1 (SKU: 30053cb)Spanish Coloring Book Psalm 1 (SKU: 30053cb)Psalm 1--Verses in Spanish with nice pictures for children to color as they learn to say Psalm 1 in Spanish.
Spanish Vocabulary Cards (SKU: 1002spvoc)Please say vocabulary cards for Book 1 or Book 2. Both are the same price. These are extra cards for those who already have a book but used the cards. The vocabulary packet comes with either book when you order a new book.
Speedy Spanish Sentences (SKU: 20026ssst)Speedy Spanish Sentences (SKU: 20026ssst)Use this as a reference guide or a study book to enhance you ability to speak Spanish. Sentences and phrases are divided into 192 categories in alphabetical order. A great book to have as a travel companion when you go to a Spanish speaking country.
Teachers' Inspiration For Education (SKU: 727-5644453)This is a reprint of a 1922 book written by teachers. It is filled with ideas on discipline, school management, seat work, reading, handwriting, math, language, nature study, history,health, etc. Many more subjects are discussed and you will find lots of ideas to try to motivate your students at home or at school. There are pages of inspirational thoughts in back of book. ATTENTION homeschooling parents! There are many valuable teaching ideas here that you could use.
Spanish Sing-A-Long with CD or tape (SKU: 20025ssscd)Song book for Speedy Spanish Book 1 and Book 2, Contains sixty songs, a collection from both Spanish books. Comes with a DC or a cassette. Your choice. These are the same songs that are song on the CD's or Cassettes that go with each book.
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