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Sharpen Up (SKU: 182-4462957)Sharpen Up (SKU: 182-4462957)****OVERSTOCK ITEM****
This book provides extra seat work for the fast student who needs something educational to do and for the slow student who need extra practice in certain areas. There are exercises in synonyms, antonyms, language, skills, math skills, map skills, writing practice, reading comprehension, following directions, Bible knowledge, manners, and more. These exercises may be copied within your school or home. Help keep your child's mind sharp!
Spanish Bible Verse Posters (SKU: 20027ssp)50 Spanish Bible verse posters to color, hang, scrapbook, give away, and memorize. These may be copied within your home, school, or church.
Speedy Spanish Primer Key (SKU: 0005ssp)Primer key gives answers for the non-Spanish-speaking teacher. It also suggests sentences to teach your student and test his listening skills. The Primer teaches over 1000 words in at least 16 different categories.
Puzzlinig Fun For Everyone (SKU: 805-4453244)Puzzlinig Fun For Everyone (SKU: 805-4453244)100 pages of different kinds of puzzles. Treasure Hunts, Word Search, Word Definition,Who Was It?, Who Said It? and many more. Puzzles are challenging and educational. Ages 10 and up
Speedy Spanish Primer w/tape or CD (SKU: 0002ssp)Speedy Spanish Primer w/tape or CD (SKU: 0002ssp)Preschool and elementary Spanish book with words and pictures to color. Primer 1- Colors, Numbers, Months, Days Primer 2- Seasons, Home, School, Church Primer 3- Animals, People Primer 4- Body, Clothes, Food Primer 5- Things, Places Primer 6- Opposites All six of the above Primers are in one 8 1/2" by 11" spiral-bound 336 page book. Bigger and better pictures to color. We suggest using the primer with 3-4 years-olds and then use the worksheets when the child begins reading, 1st and 2nd grade. C
Bible Rhyme\Poster set (SKU: 17-4463515)Color book and Poster set saves you 2.70 Bible rhymes help children memorize Bible verses that will help them with everyday child-size problems and solutions. Poster of Bible verses may be colored and hung or put into a scrapbook.
Speedy Spanish Primer Worksheets (SKU: 0004ssp)Primer Worksheets are reproducible within your family or class. Recommended for after the child has learned his English Phonics. Or teacher may do the reading while the child does the exercises. 70 pages of matching, coloring, and circling exercises which help the child learn the Spanish vocabulary words.
Bible Rhyme Color Time (SKU: 847-4463506)Bible Rhyme Color Time (SKU: 847-4463506)This is a companion book to the Bible Posters. Rhymes are designed to help children memorize and understand how God's Word works for them in everyday living. May be copied for your home, Sunday school or Bible school classes.
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