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Speedy Spanish Primer Speedy Spanish Primer contain over 1000 vocabulary words for the beginner. On the left side of the page are the English words and pictures to color and on the right side of the page are the Spanish word. 336 pages of words divided into different categories. COLORS,NUMBERS,MONTHS,DAYS,SEASONS,HOME,CHURCH,ANIMALS,PEOPLE,BODY,CLOTHES,FOOD,THINGS,PLACES,OPPOSITES. We recommend this book for preschooler up to 2nd. grade. A cassette or CD is available, also worksheets and answer key. Look f
Speedy Spanish Primer w/tape or CDSpeedy Spanish Primer w/tape or CDPreschool and elementary Spanish book with words and pictures to color. Primer 1- Colors, Numbers, Months, Days Primer 2- Seasons, Home, School, Church Primer 3- Animals, People Primer 4- Body, Clothes, Food Primer 5- Things, Places Primer 6- Opposites All six of the above Primers are in one 8 1/2" by 11" spiral-bound 336 page book. Bigger and better pictures to color. We suggest using the primer with 3-4 years-olds and then use the worksheets when the child begins reading, 1st and 2nd grade. C
Primer Tape or CDPrimer Tape or CD without the book. This tape (CD) repeats all the words in Speedy Spanish Primers 1-6, which are now in one large book. The price $7.00 (for tape or CD)includes postage. Primer with tape is also available.
Speedy Spanish Primer WorksheetsPrimer Worksheets are reproducible within your family or class. Recommended for after the child has learned his English Phonics. Or teacher may do the reading while the child does the exercises. 70 pages of matching, coloring, and circling exercises which help the child learn the Spanish vocabulary words.
Speedy Spanish Primer KeyPrimer key gives answers for the non-Spanish-speaking teacher. It also suggests sentences to teach your student and test his listening skills. The Primer teaches over 1000 words in at least 16 different categories.
Speedy Spanish Elementary Primer with Tape\CD Package DealSpeedy Spanish Elementary Primer with Tape\CD Package DealThis includes Primer Book which teaches over 1000 vocabulary words, tape or CD, 70 worksheets with matching, circling,and coloring exercises to reinforce vocabulary words, and answer key. If you want the CD instead of tape, please write CD in the Additional information\Comments line at the bottom of your order blank. The price is the same.
Speedy Spanish Book 1Speedy Spanish Book 1An elementary Spanish course written on third grade reading level. Successfully used by first graders through adults. This course has been on the homeschooling market for 23 years. It is used in most of the 50 states by Christian schools and homeschooling students, and by missionaries in Mexico, Germany, Belize, Guatemala and South America. Thirty lessons plus 6 reviews teach over 500 words. Each lesson is divided into 5 parts, one section for each day of the week. Matching exercises, games, Bib
Speedy Spanish Book 1 TapesCassettes that teach you to speak Spanish, correct your work, learn the Bible verses, and sing the songs. These Cassette feature a Guatemalan Speaker. CD's are also available
Speedy Spanish I Extra Practice****OVERSTOCK ITEM****
30 pages of reproducible exercises for Spanish I. These tests require that the students learn to spell their vocabulary word, and memorize their Bible verse and song. Older students may use these as pop tests or as practice work. They will get experience in translating from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish. Beneficial for learning to spell in Spanish.
Speedy Spanish I Tests5 tests for Spanish I. These tests may be reproduced within your family or class. Recommended for Jr., High school, and adults.
Speedy Spanish I Test KeyThis key provides the answers for the 5 tests for Spanish I
Spanish I CD'sEight CD's--the entire Book Speedy Spanish I. These CD's will help the student learn proper pronunciation, correct their written work, learn the Bible verse and song. These CD's have stops and a guide sheet which tells where to find each part of the lesson. These are a must for the non-Spanish speaker.
Speedy Spanish I CD High School Package DealSpeedy Spanish I CD High School Package Deal
Speedy Spanish Teacher's Guide for Spanish ISpeedy Spanish Teacher's Guide for Spanish IThis guide tells you when to introduce the sounds given in the ABC book. It gives grammar hints, suggestions for games, writing exercises, Spanish name for students, Spanish labels, and many other activities. This is especially helpful for the teacher who has a group of students working together. The many fun games help reinforce the Spanish vocabulary. This book contains the answers to all the exercises in the Spanish book. You should also look at the Puzzles for Spanish I and II for reinforc
Speedy Spanish ABC Reference Bookwith Cd or tapeSpeedy Spanish ABC  Reference Bookwith Cd or tapeA valuable guide for learning the sounds of the Spanish alphabet and vowel combinations. After you learn these basic sounds, you can read almost anything written in Spanish. Also includes some basic hints about Spanish punctuation, syllables, sentence structure, and grammar. Comes with a cassette or CD, your choice.
Speedy Spanish Book 1 Puzzle KeyThis is a 8 1/2x11, spiral bound, answer key for puzzles for book 1.
Spanish Vocabulary CardsPlease say vocabulary cards for Book 1 or Book 2. Both are the same price. These are extra cards for those who already have a book but used the cards. The vocabulary packet comes with either book when you order a new book.
Speedy Spanish Book 2 Puzzle PackPackage includes puzzles for every lesson and answer key. Crossword, scramble, and word search puzzles for Spanish 2. These puzzles will help children get and keep new Spanish words in their brain. Fun and challenging. These puzzles may be copied in your home or class. Spiral Bound answer key for all the puzzles. Buying the puzzle pack is a $2.00 savings.
Speedy Spanish 2 PuzzlesIf you only want to buy puzzles without the key you should order this product. The puzzles are the same as in the puzzle pack for book 2. Children will have fun learning vocabulary words by working crossword, words search, and scramble puzzles. Please copy these only for your own child or children or class. Copyright Bechtel Books
Speedy Spanish Book 2 Puzzle Key
Speedy Spanish Book IISpeedy Spanish Book IIAn elementary Spanish course written on fourth grade level. Reviews words learned in Speedy Spanish 1 and adds more than 500 new words. Contains the same number of lessons as Book 1, using the same format. This course adds conjugation of verbs, writing Spanish words and translating along with the matching exercises, games, reviews, Bible verses, and songs. When used with tests and extra practice this course is second year conversational Spanish for high school students or adults.
Speedy Spanish Book 2 TapesThese Cassette tapes feature a Guatemalan Speaker. The entire book is on tape. Tapes provide correct pronunciation of Spanish words and sentences, answers for matching exercises and game, words and music for songs and Bible verses and Bible vocabulary.
Speedy Spanish II Extra PracticeExtra Practice for Spanish II includes writing sentences from Spanish to English and English to Spanish, tests vocabulary and Bible memory. These practice sheets may be copied within your family or class. May be used for pop quizzes or testing or just extra practice. These are for the Jr. and high school students and adults.
Spanish II CD'sEight CD's--the entire book Speedy Spanish II. These CD's will help the student learn the correct pronunciation, correct his written work, and learn the Bible verse and song. These CD's have stops and a guide sheet which tells where each lesson begins and ends. These CD's are a must for the non-Spanish speaker.
Speedy Spanish II Tests 5 reproducible tests for Speedy Spanish Book 2. Recommended for Jr., high school, and adult students. These test are important if student is taking Spanish for a High School credit.
Speedy Spanish II Test KeyAnswer key for the tests for Speedy Spanish II. Recommended for 8th grade and up.
Speedy Spanish II High School Package DealSpeedy Spanish II High School Package DealSpanish 2 package includes student book, vocabulary cards, 8 Cd's, tests, key, and extra practice and key.  Test and extra practice are needed for Jr high and high school students or anyone wanting to learn to write and read Spanish. This is a Christian conversational Spanish course that teaches practical every-day language and Bible vocabulary. Teaches Christian songs, hymns, choruses and Bible verses.
Sing-a-Long and cassetteWords written in English and Spanish for the sixty songs from Speedy Spanish Book 1 and 2. Singing is A-Capella. Comes with a Cassette or CD, you decide.
Spanish Sing-A-Long with CD or tapeSong book for Speedy Spanish Book 1 and Book 2, Contains sixty songs, a collection from both Spanish books. Comes with a DC or a cassette. Your choice. These are the same songs that are song on the CD's or Cassettes that go with each book.
Speedy Spanish SentencesSpeedy Spanish SentencesUse this as a reference guide or a study book to enhance you ability to speak Spanish. Sentences and phrases are divided into 192 categories in alphabetical order. A great book to have as a travel companion when you go to a Spanish speaking country.
Spanish Bible Verse Posters50 Spanish Bible verse posters to color, hang, scrapbook, give away, and memorize. These may be copied within your home, school, or church.
Despertad Y Cantad Song BookA Spanish song book with 220 songs. Music is not printed, only the words. Three cassettes or CD's are available which include at least one verse from each song. Learning songs is a great way to add new words to your Spanish vocabulary. Song to sing in Sunday school, church, and home.
Despertand Sing-A-Long cassettesDespertand Sing-A-Long cassettesThree cassettes that help you learn the 220 songs in Despertad y Cantad song book. This is a Christian Spanish music book.
Spanish Bible Storybook\BartimaeusThe story of blind Bartimeo. Spanish students will add many new words to their vocabulary by reading and studying these little books. Story and questions. One of a set of seven. May be bought all together or separately.
Spanish Bible Storybook\Bread and FishSpanish storybook about the feeding of the 5000. Each book includes questions you can ask in Spanish.This book is in the set of 7. May be bought separately.
Spanish Bible Storybook\In the BeginningPicture storybook about the days of creation. One of a set of 7--may be bought separately.
Spanish Bible Stories\David and GoliathA twenty page picture storybook written in Spanish. The story of David and the giant. May be bought in a set of 7 storybooks.
Spanish Bible StoryBook\Daniel and the LionsA 26 page picture storybook written in Spanish. The story of Daniel and how his faith in God kept him safe in the lions' den. Has questions to answer. Good reading practice for the Spanish student.
Spanish Bible Storybook\The ShepherdSpanish picture storybook about David the Shepherd boy. Challenge your students to answer the questions in Spanish. May be bought in Spanish Bible Story set.
Spanish Bible Storybook\The Good SamaritanSpanish picture storybook about the Good Samaritan. Perfect books for Spanish speaking children ages 3-8. More good reading practice for the Spanish student.
Spanish Bible Storybook SetBuy all of the seven Bible storybooks for $11.00 Set includes: David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lions, In the Beginning,Bread and Fish, Bartimaeus, The Little Shepherd, and The Good Samaritan
Solo Dos ChipasWritten in Spanish. This small storybook teaches the virtue of honesty. Students may also use it also to learn more Spanish vocabulary word.
La Moneda de JorgeWritten in Spanish. This story takes place in Mexico and is about Jorge and some money his father gave him. Will he spend it wisely? Use this story to learn not only what Jorge learned but also to learn new vocabulary words.
Spanish Bible PaperbackSpanish Bible PaperbackThe Reina-Valera version (KJV)Spanish Bible. A very necessary study book for the serious Spanish student.
Latin American Coloring bookLearn about the West Indies, Mexico, Central and South America. There are maps of the countries with native plants and animals, also introduces the people and products of the countries. Make coloring an educational experience!
Spanish Coloring Book Psalm 1Spanish Coloring Book Psalm 1Psalm 1--Verses in Spanish with nice pictures for children to color as they learn to say Psalm 1 in Spanish.
Spanish Coloring Book Psalm 23Psalm 23 written in Spanish with large pictures to color while they memorize the Psalm in Spanish.
Cd's for Destertad y CantadThree CD's with acapella singing of the songs in Despertad y Contad songbook.
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