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Puzzlinig Fun For Everyone (SKU: 805-4453244)Puzzlinig Fun For Everyone (SKU: 805-4453244)100 pages of different kinds of puzzles. Treasure Hunts, Word Search, Word Definition,Who Was It?, Who Said It? and many more. Puzzles are challenging and educational. Ages 10 and up
Rosita y Mateo (SKU: 939-4456994)Rosita y Mateo (SKU: 939-4456994)This Spanish coloring book will teach the children about plants and wildlife in Latin America. Learn about the daily activities of a Latin American family. Make coloring an educational experience.
Latin American Coloring book (SKU: 30052cb)Learn about the West Indies, Mexico, Central and South America. There are maps of the countries with native plants and animals, also introduces the people and products of the countries. Make coloring an educational experience!
Bible Verse Posters (English) (SKU: 649-4463499)English Bible Verse Posters to copy, color, memorize, frame, give to shut-ins, or use in scrapbook. Bible Rhyme Color Time is a companion book with matching Bible verse rhymes that help the children memorize verses.
Bible Rhyme\Poster set (SKU: 17-4463515)Color book and Poster set saves you 2.70 Bible rhymes help children memorize Bible verses that will help them with everyday child-size problems and solutions. Poster of Bible verses may be colored and hung or put into a scrapbook.
Spanish Coloring Book Psalm 1 (SKU: 30053cb)Spanish Coloring Book Psalm 1 (SKU: 30053cb)Psalm 1--Verses in Spanish with nice pictures for children to color as they learn to say Psalm 1 in Spanish.
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