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Spanish Coloring Book Psalm 1Spanish Coloring Book Psalm 1Psalm 1--Verses in Spanish with nice pictures for children to color as they learn to say Psalm 1 in Spanish.
Spanish I CD'sEight CD's--the entire Book Speedy Spanish I. These CD's will help the student learn proper pronunciation, correct their written work, learn the Bible verse and song. These CD's have stops and a guide sheet which tells where to find each part of the lesson. These are a must for the non-Spanish speaker.
Speedy Spanish Book 1Speedy Spanish Book 1An elementary Spanish course written on third grade reading level. Successfully used by first graders through adults. This course has been on the homeschooling market for 23 years. It is used in most of the 50 states by Christian schools and homeschooling students, and by missionaries in Mexico, Germany, Belize, Guatemala and South America. Thirty lessons plus 6 reviews teach over 500 words. Each lesson is divided into 5 parts, one section for each day of the week. Matching exercises, games, Bib
Speedy Spanish Book 1 Puzzle KeyThis is a 8 1/2x11, spiral bound, answer key for puzzles for book 1.
Speedy Spanish Book 1 TapesCassettes that teach you to speak Spanish, correct your work, learn the Bible verses, and sing the songs. These Cassette feature a Guatemalan Speaker. CD's are also available
Speedy Spanish I CD High School Package DealSpeedy Spanish I CD High School Package Deal
Speedy Spanish I Extra Practice****OVERSTOCK ITEM****
30 pages of reproducible exercises for Spanish I. These tests require that the students learn to spell their vocabulary word, and memorize their Bible verse and song. Older students may use these as pop tests or as practice work. They will get experience in translating from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish. Beneficial for learning to spell in Spanish.
Speedy Spanish I Tests5 tests for Spanish I. These tests may be reproduced within your family or class. Recommended for Jr., High school, and adults.
Speedy Spanish II Test KeyAnswer key for the tests for Speedy Spanish II. Recommended for 8th grade and up.
Speedy Spanish Teacher's Guide for Spanish ISpeedy Spanish Teacher's Guide for Spanish IThis guide tells you when to introduce the sounds given in the ABC book. It gives grammar hints, suggestions for games, writing exercises, Spanish name for students, Spanish labels, and many other activities. This is especially helpful for the teacher who has a group of students working together. The many fun games help reinforce the Spanish vocabulary. This book contains the answers to all the exercises in the Spanish book. You should also look at the Puzzles for Spanish I and II for reinforc
Dear Student, Parent, and Teacher,

Dear Student, Parent, and Teacher,

Are you wondering, “Why study Spanish?”
Foreign language study is a challenge for the memory. It helps with understanding English grammar. It helps with understanding the culture of another part of God’s creation. It may help prepare you for missionary service in one of the many Spanish-speaking countries or even right here in the United States.
Chinese is the first language of over 1 billion people.
English is the first language of over 320 million people.
Spanish is the first language of over 200 million people. More people speak Spanish than any other Romance language.

SPEEDY SPANISH is designed to teach Spanish in a fast enjoyable way. Just as you first learned to speak English and than studied grammar so this Spanish course is geared to teach speaking first and then later, the serious student may take a high school course where he can learn grammar. This course is meant to be self-teaching and self-correcting when used with the cassettes. There are 30 lessons plus 6 reviews, making a total of 36 lessons to last through a school year, doing one lesson a week. Each lesson introduces 12 (usually) new words. Each lesson is divided into 5 parts—*'s mark the end of each part. Please study each lesson in the following way:

MONDAY: Vocabulary—Look at the words, listen to the words on the tape, say the words with the tape. Study each vocabulary until you know the words well. With these vocabulary words you will learn to speak Spanish. Older students may want to learn to spell the Spanish vocabulary words and may be given a spelling test.

TUESDAY: Practice—Read the practice sentences in English, listen to them on the tape. Read the sentences in Spanish with the tape. Notice the sentence structure—the order in which Spanish words are placed within a sentence. Read the sentences over and over until you can read smoothly.

WEDNESDAY: Match—This section will help you put into practice what you have learned. Read the instructions and draw lines or write the correct letter in the blank. When the work is completed, listen to the tape and correct your work. Repeat the words and sentences along with the tape. This will give you added practice in pronunciation.
The Word Bank is a place to keep your vocabulary cards. You will find the vocabulary cards for each lesson in a white envelope. Before you do anything to them, read the directions that are in your vocabulary card envelope. Follow the directions carefully and then place the vocabulary cards in your Word Bank after you have studied them. When you complete 5 lessons put a rubber band around the cards for the 5 lessons. In this way you can keep the vocabularies grouped together ready for the review.

THURSDAY: Memorize—In this section you will learn Bible verses and songs in Spanish. Listen to the verse and song on tape. Turn the tape back and repeat the verse and sing the song with the tape. Repeat this process until you know the verse and song well. Bible Word Match is made up of words from the verses and songs. This match will help you add some new words to your vocabulary and review some words you have already learned.

FRIDAY: Review—Quiz-nish is a game which will test your memory by matching English words with Spanish words or Spanish words with English words. Use your vocabulary cards to play this game. Race with other students or use a timer and try to beat your previous time in playing Quiz-nish. Use the tape to correct your work. The more often you play this game the better you will learn the vocabulary words.

After you have completed 5 lessons, there will be a review that will help you determine how much you have learned. Carefully study vocabulary cards from all 5 previous lessons and then follow the directions to complete the review. A cassette is available of only the songs from SPEEDY SPAN1SH BOOK I and II.

Extra activities: Do research on Spanish speaking countries. Write reports on the customs, home, food, jobs, and clothing of the Spanish people. Draw maps of Latin countries. These activities will broaden your knowledge of another culture. Obtain a Spanish Bible and spend time reading it. This will increase your religious (Bible) vocabulary that is different from your secular (everyday) vocabulary.
May your study help you realize God loves and cares for ALL people.