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Primer Tape or CDPrimer Tape or CD without the book. This tape (CD) repeats all the words in Speedy Spanish Primers 1-6, which are now in one large book. The price $7.00 (for tape or CD)includes postage. Primer with tape is also available.
Speedy Spanish ABC Reference Bookwith Cd or tapeSpeedy Spanish ABC  Reference Bookwith Cd or tapeA valuable guide for learning the sounds of the Spanish alphabet and vowel combinations. After you learn these basic sounds, you can read almost anything written in Spanish. Also includes some basic hints about Spanish punctuation, syllables, sentence structure, and grammar. Comes with a cassette or CD, your choice.
Speedy Spanish Elementary Primer with Tape\CD Package DealSpeedy Spanish Elementary Primer with Tape\CD Package DealThis includes Primer Book which teaches over 1000 vocabulary words, tape or CD, 70 worksheets with matching, circling,and coloring exercises to reinforce vocabulary words, and answer key. If you want the CD instead of tape, please write CD in the Additional information\Comments line at the bottom of your order blank. The price is the same.
Speedy Spanish Primer Speedy Spanish Primer contain over 1000 vocabulary words for the beginner. On the left side of the page are the English words and pictures to color and on the right side of the page are the Spanish word. 336 pages of words divided into different categories. COLORS,NUMBERS,MONTHS,DAYS,SEASONS,HOME,CHURCH,ANIMALS,PEOPLE,BODY,CLOTHES,FOOD,THINGS,PLACES,OPPOSITES. We recommend this book for preschooler up to 2nd. grade. A cassette or CD is available, also worksheets and answer key. Look f
Speedy Spanish Primer KeyPrimer key gives answers for the non-Spanish-speaking teacher. It also suggests sentences to teach your student and test his listening skills. The Primer teaches over 1000 words in at least 16 different categories.
Speedy Spanish Primer w/tape or CDSpeedy Spanish Primer w/tape or CDPreschool and elementary Spanish book with words and pictures to color. Primer 1- Colors, Numbers, Months, Days Primer 2- Seasons, Home, School, Church Primer 3- Animals, People Primer 4- Body, Clothes, Food Primer 5- Things, Places Primer 6- Opposites All six of the above Primers are in one 8 1/2" by 11" spiral-bound 336 page book. Bigger and better pictures to color. We suggest using the primer with 3-4 years-olds and then use the worksheets when the child begins reading, 1st and 2nd grade. C
Speedy Spanish Primer WorksheetsPrimer Worksheets are reproducible within your family or class. Recommended for after the child has learned his English Phonics. Or teacher may do the reading while the child does the exercises. 70 pages of matching, coloring, and circling exercises which help the child learn the Spanish vocabulary words.