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Spanish II CD'sEight CD's--the entire book Speedy Spanish II. These CD's will help the student learn the correct pronunciation, correct his written work, and learn the Bible verse and song. These CD's have stops and a guide sheet which tells where each lesson begins and ends. These CD's are a must for the non-Spanish speaker.
Speedy Spanish 2 PuzzlesIf you only want to buy puzzles without the key you should order this product. The puzzles are the same as in the puzzle pack for book 2. Children will have fun learning vocabulary words by working crossword, words search, and scramble puzzles. Please copy these only for your own child or children or class. Copyright Bechtel Books
Speedy Spanish Book 2 Puzzle Key
Speedy Spanish Book 2 Puzzle PackPackage includes puzzles for every lesson and answer key. Crossword, scramble, and word search puzzles for Spanish 2. These puzzles will help children get and keep new Spanish words in their brain. Fun and challenging. These puzzles may be copied in your home or class. Spiral Bound answer key for all the puzzles. Buying the puzzle pack is a $2.00 savings.
Speedy Spanish Book IISpeedy Spanish Book IIAn elementary Spanish course written on fourth grade level. Reviews words learned in Speedy Spanish 1 and adds more than 500 new words. Contains the same number of lessons as Book 1, using the same format. This course adds conjugation of verbs, writing Spanish words and translating along with the matching exercises, games, reviews, Bible verses, and songs. When used with tests and extra practice this course is second year conversational Spanish for high school students or adults.
Speedy Spanish II Extra PracticeExtra Practice for Spanish II includes writing sentences from Spanish to English and English to Spanish, tests vocabulary and Bible memory. These practice sheets may be copied within your family or class. May be used for pop quizzes or testing or just extra practice. These are for the Jr. and high school students and adults.
Speedy Spanish II High School Package DealSpeedy Spanish II High School Package DealSpanish 2 package includes student book, vocabulary cards, 8 Cd's, tests, key, and extra practice and key.  Test and extra practice are needed for Jr high and high school students or anyone wanting to learn to write and read Spanish. This is a Christian conversational Spanish course that teaches practical every-day language and Bible vocabulary. Teaches Christian songs, hymns, choruses and Bible verses.
Speedy Spanish II Test KeyAnswer key for the tests for Speedy Spanish II. Recommended for 8th grade and up.
Speedy Spanish II Tests 5 reproducible tests for Speedy Spanish Book 2. Recommended for Jr., high school, and adult students. These test are important if student is taking Spanish for a High School credit.

TEACHER’S GUIDE FOR SPANISH II—This book provides answers to all the exercises in the student book. It also has games, grammar, and verb conjugation exercises. There are many suggestions for extra work and added vocabulary for the ambitious student.