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Bible Rhyme Color TimeBible Rhyme Color TimeThis is a companion book to the Bible Posters. Rhymes are designed to help children memorize and understand how God's Word works for them in everyday living. May be copied for your home, Sunday school or Bible school classes.
Bible Rhyme\Poster setColor book and Poster set saves you 2.70 Bible rhymes help children memorize Bible verses that will help them with everyday child-size problems and solutions. Poster of Bible verses may be colored and hung or put into a scrapbook.
Bible Verse Posters (English)English Bible Verse Posters to copy, color, memorize, frame, give to shut-ins, or use in scrapbook. Bible Rhyme Color Time is a companion book with matching Bible verse rhymes that help the children memorize verses.
Spanish Bible Verse Posters50 Spanish Bible verse posters to color, hang, scrapbook, give away, and memorize. These may be copied within your home, school, or church.
Speedy Spanish SentencesSpeedy Spanish SentencesUse this as a reference guide or a study book to enhance you ability to speak Spanish. Sentences and phrases are divided into 192 categories in alphabetical order. A great book to have as a travel companion when you go to a Spanish speaking country.
Teachers' Inspiration For EducationThis is a reprint of a 1922 book written by teachers. It is filled with ideas on discipline, school management, seat work, reading, handwriting, math, language, nature study, history,health, etc. Many more subjects are discussed and you will find lots of ideas to try to motivate your students at home or at school. There are pages of inspirational thoughts in back of book. ATTENTION homeschooling parents! There are many valuable teaching ideas here that you could use.
I Will Pass Over YouI Will Pass Over YouDan and Rabel became fast friends. One boy was an Israelite slave while the other was an Egyptian. They find their friendship suddenly becomes a problem when Moses announces it is God's time for the Israelites to move on out of Egypt. Enjoy the exciting adventures of Dan and Rabel as they experience the unpleasant plagues of Egypt and the power of God's love and protection as they escape to the Promise Land.
Puzzlinig Fun For EveryonePuzzlinig Fun For Everyone100 pages of different kinds of puzzles. Treasure Hunts, Word Search, Word Definition,Who Was It?, Who Said It? and many more. Puzzles are challenging and educational. Ages 10 and up
Speedy Spanish Book 2 Puzzle PackPackage includes puzzles for every lesson and answer key. Crossword, scramble, and word search puzzles for Spanish 2. These puzzles will help children get and keep new Spanish words in their brain. Fun and challenging. These puzzles may be copied in your home or class. Spiral Bound answer key for all the puzzles. Buying the puzzle pack is a $2.00 savings.
Speedy Spanish I Extra Practice****OVERSTOCK ITEM****
30 pages of reproducible exercises for Spanish I. These tests require that the students learn to spell their vocabulary word, and memorize their Bible verse and song. Older students may use these as pop tests or as practice work. They will get experience in translating from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish. Beneficial for learning to spell in Spanish.
Sharpen UpSharpen Up****OVERSTOCK ITEM****
This book provides extra seat work for the fast student who needs something educational to do and for the slow student who need extra practice in certain areas. There are exercises in synonyms, antonyms, language, skills, math skills, map skills, writing practice, reading comprehension, following directions, Bible knowledge, manners, and more. These exercises may be copied within your school or home. Help keep your child's mind sharp!
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